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Kiwi for Gmail

Recently I started looking for an app that would take GMail out of my browser and give it some additional features like true default app support. I finally settled on Kiwi for Gmail (formally GMail for Mac).

This started life as a Kickstarter project and after destroying their funding goal released version 1.0 a few months later. They had some issues with the original name and were forced to change to what is now known as Kiwi for Mac.

The app itself is fast and lightweight compared to other apps that offer the same benefits to GMail users. It memory footprint is small as long as you close it on a regular bases however this is a problem with GMail in any web browser.

In terms of additional features it offers for GMail on the desktop beyond having system wide default mail app support and multiple accounts in tabs Kiwi doesn’t offer a great deal. They do say support for a number of popular plugins is coming soon however I have never really been a fan or long term user of any of these.

The main advantage for me is getting GMail out of my browser tab bar and giving me a dock icon, badge, default app and notification centre support. If you love GMail’s web interface and want to get these additional benefits the Kiwi for Gmail is the way to go.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your day. Well, it all starts with your mornings, yes thats right the first 2 – 3 hours of your day can affect how productive you are for the rest for the next 8 – 12 hours.

I am fairly interested in becoming as productive as possible. Getting the most amount of work done in the least amount of time to allow me to spend time with my family and friends on weekends.

Recently Travis Bradberry posted an article on that explains the best morning routine in one of the finest ways I have read.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently published findings from their exploration of 83 separate studies on energy and self-control. What they found will change the way you start your day.

The researchers found that self-control and energy are not only intricately linked but also finite, daily resources that tire much like a muscle. Even though we don’t always realize it, as the day goes on, we have increased difficulty exerting self-control and focusing on our work. As self-control wears out, we feel tired and find tasks to be more difficult and our mood sours.

This exhaustion of self-control kills your productivity, and it makes the morning hours, when self-control is highest, the most important hours of the day.

But the trick isn’t just to spend your morning hours working; it’s to do the right things in the morning that will make your energy and self-control last as long as possible.

I highly recommend you read the full article and all its tips on

Why I Stopped Using Evernote

Recently I stopped using Evernote in favour of Apple Notes. Why? I mean Evernote syncs across every platform you can think of and searches inside images and allows attachments.

Well basically it all comes down to the Mac app become slow, bloated and generally cumbersome. Yes Evernote used to be the best note taking app for any platform but with the new Apple Notes app in Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan that is no longer the case.

Apple Notes syncs across devices via iCloud and is accessible on none Apple devices on It also doesn’t have a monthly upload limit and just uses your iCloud Drive storage. Additionally Apple Notes now allows attachments of any find and rich text formatting.

All that is nice however what really sold me is Apple Notes on my Mac opens in seconds and search is instant. Evernote got too large and searching would often cause the app to hang for several minutes. This is not good when you are running a business with the information held in the app.

I will do a detailed review of Apple Notes as soon as El Capitan is out of beta and the new Notes apps is a final build. If you are having problems with Evernote on a Mac and looking for an alternative, please let me know.

A while back, in May to be exact, I wrote that I was restarting this blog to improve my writing and then after a few weeks I stopped posting new content here. This was not due to writers block or a lack of ideas but simply I was too busy to sit down and write something.

My family and those close to me know I’ve been working up to 18 hours per day for the last few months. Since the acquisition of Cagey Media and Blue Shark Web Designs in June I have been rushed off my feet keeping all the balls in the air across 3 different systems. Thankfully we have now completed the merger of Blue Shark and are only running 2 completely different systems and working to merge these. I still have many late nights in my future but I am now starting to get some time to myself to work on my things including this blog.

Since June when I stopped posting content on this site I have still be writing content for client sites and I am now much more confident in the content I write. I have also spent a lot of time looking at distraction free writing apps and I have finally settled on the one that works for me, Typed. This has helped me get a lot more done and I am only using have of the features.

I have started to post content to this blog again and I have a few posts already done and in the pipeline for a steady release. My original plan for content is still going to come and the plan now covers many months not just weeks. I am also planning to write more of this self review / update type posts over the coming months as I think these are a good source of motivation in forcing me the review how much I have improved.

Todoist Redesign

I have been using Todoist for almost 1 year now and I have quickly become a huge fan of the platform. I trust Todoist with everything in my life from keeping track of day to day task right through to my sky high ‘one day’ dreams. Hell I even run and manage my business on it.

In my last 9 months on Todoist I have completed over 7,500 task and recently achieved Grand Master level on Karma.

Today Todoist released some beautiful for the desktop and web with some nice additions found in the latest mobile releases. Firstly the new design, this is by no way completely new as what they had was highly functional, think of this as more of a polish to something fantastic to start with.

1 new and noticeable feature is the new quick add with the same support for natural language the mobile apps got a few months back. This makes adding task a breeze.

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