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How Much Do We Depend on the Internet

Recently I had to suffer the agonizing pain for a 4 hour Internet blackout. We lost all fixed line Internet access at 4pm and mobile data was that congested it wasn’t worth using. This made me realise how much I really on the Internet.

So what do you do in the middle of the work day with no Internet. Well it turns out a digital marketing agency can not do a lot. We couldn’t have a planning meeting as out email was all in GMail so instead we turned to a brainstorming session for what our next technical demonstration project would be (a look what we can do project that is not meant to be anything more).

Now that doesn’t take 4 hours when you can’t see if your idea’s already exist. So how about some time to relax with the girlfriend and watch some TV. Nope all my TV is streamed online and we don’t have cable.

Play games, no, of the 14 games on my phone only 2 don’t require Internet access and they got boring very quickly.

So what exactly did I do for the 4 hours. Well after the kids fell asleep I wrote this blog post as a first draft. Then sat around not doing an awful lot.

New Google Photos: The App I’ve Been Looking For

Today news and screen shots of what is possibly the new Google Photos app to be announced at Google I/O later this week were leaked on Android Police.

Now I’ve been using Google+ Photos for a while as it offers features other apps don’t and combined with the unlimited storage of my Google Apps for Work account nobody can compete on the price.

That doesn’t make it perfect by any stretch. Organising photos has never been something that works outs well and sharing them requires you to share on Google+. This way of sharing also makes it hard for the people you share albums with to be able to find them later on. Another huge bug bear of mine is the inability to add photos to an album from the mobile app.

This new app/service however seems to be ready to fix everything I don’t like and create the ultimate photo backup and management app for my needs. Check out the screenshots from Android Police below.

Why I Almost Bought and iPhone

It’s that time of the year again, in fact it’s a little over due. Time to buy a new phone.

I’ve been using Android phones for over 5 years now and I’ve been very happy. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and looking for my upgrade. The LG G4 was almost the phone for me however the stuff Apple are doing with the iPhone and Mac OS is really interesting to me.

It is the continuity stuff that is swaying me. That and what seems like the lack of care from Google. More on that another day but lets just say there are a number of bugs in many Google services they are aware of and are showing no signs of fixing. Unless it is search it is starting to seem like Google simply don’t care.

So am I going to buy the iPhone. Well it’s currently looking that way but I’m going to wait and see what gets announced at Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC in the coming weeks.

For some things I will be staying with Google, Google Drive, Gmail and Photos. I have over 3TB of data there and nobody else is offering that kind of storage for £33 per month.

Todoist: How I use Priorities

I’ve explained this a little before but I wanted to go into a little more detail as this may be something other people will find useful.

I work and live in the Philippines however most of my customer base is in the UK. Like most start up business owners I work between 10 and 12 hours a day been 8 hours ahead gives me an advantage as I often start working 5 hours before the UK.

My last job at night is to structure my to do list for the next day and then in the morning my first job is update that with what came in over night.

I use all 4 priorities in Todoist in the following way.

Red: This is simple. I use red for work at has to be complete before 9am UK time.

Dark Blue: This is also a simple one. This is for work that has to be complete before 5pm UK time today.

Light Blue: This is a little more complex. Light blue for me symbols work that needs doing for 9am UK Time tomorrow. I include this on today’s list as ideally it should be done before close of business (again UK time) today but as long as it is ready for 9am the next day I can get away with it.

White: This one is another simple priority. Anything that is white need completing in the next few days but does not fit into any other priority above. A lot of internal work tends to get marked with this priority as I am the only one disappointed and upset when it is not done.

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