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Why I moved from Backblaze to CrashPlan Central

We all know backup is important and way back in 2009 I started using Backblaze online backup to keep all my files secure and off site incase something should happen to my hard drives or my house is destroyed for some terrible reason.

Now I am self employed so have a lot of very valuable and important files that I need to keep and well over 2TB of TV, movies and personal media I don’t want to loose.

I had only had 1 problem with Backblaze and that was with file retention. If I accidentally deleted a file Backblaze would only keep that file for 30 days before deleting it from my backup. As you can imagine I have files for clients I haven’t touched in years but if I client comes back to me in 2 years time and says can you change the text on that slider image having that PSD around is a good idea. However I might of deleted that file by mistake and with Backblaze there is no way of recovering it.

This one of only 2 reasons I moved to CrashPlan using CrashPlan Central. The other reasons is the family plan makes it cheaper for me to backup my Laptop, Windows PC, iMac and up to 7 other computers all on 1 account.

So the big question is how unlimited is CrashPlan Central, well I can tell you very. I currently pay $15 a month and have over 2.5TB backed up there across 3 computers. Even with all this data Code42, the owner of CrashPlan, has not said a thing to me even when having support tool at my account.

In addition you are in control of how your files get versioned and how long deleted files stay in your backup with an option to keep deleted files forever at no extra cost.

Best Android Phones (October 2014)

Now all the big mobile phone conferences are over with I thought I would run through the top Android phones of 2014.

It’s that time of the year when I am looking to upgrade my current Note 3 to a new phone with the latest specifications. Ok so yes I know the Note 3 is still a very competitive phone in terms of specifications even when compared to this years flagships.

This year when making my choice for the first time I came very close to not upgrading at all however I always pass my phone down to my girlfriend when I’m done with it and her Nexus 4 is in need of an upgrade.

Here are the top Android phones on late 2014

  • LG G3
    The LG flagship while released in between to 2 main launch seasons in the Android world came out kicking with some powerful hardware and was the first phone to ship with a high density quad HD screen. The G3 is a all around improvement based on the G2 and LG have made some massive steps in the right direction here with a much cleaner UI and keeping the look and feel a little closer to stock Android.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    As always Samsung are the first to show off their new flagship every year at their unpacked events. This year was no different with the new Galaxy S making small improvements over last years model
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    The successor to my current daily driver the Note 4 makes small improvements over the Note 3 but nothing that will blow you away as was the case with when they stunned the world the flagship last year
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Set Up Your Mac for Development in Minutes

It’s great to get a new computer, but it takes hours to actually get the thing set up so you can use it. If you’re a developer, Lapwing Laps has a guide to automate the whole process, including setting up special default settings.

Hacker’s Guide to Setting up Your Mac
Hackers obsess over automation. We want robots to do the grunt work so we can focus on the fun stuff. One area that’s ripe for automation that hasn’t seen much attention lately is setting up your computer

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